The Only “I AM” MAN at BLUSH


BLUSH 2013

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard by now that BLUSH was a huge success.

If you missed out on this sold out event, you’ve probably bought your tickets already and are ready to book your hotel room at the Marriot for BLUSH 2014.

BLUSH 2014 will be bigger, better and we can’t wait to see you there!!!

Kevin’s photo by the one and only Bri of Voulez-Vous Boudoir Photography Inc.​

“Could You Please Excuse Me?”

I just read this and it stopped me in my tracks.
It’s Brilliant.
Thank-you Katie Wick for writing this while in the moment and keeping your cool

Dear lady at McDonalds

I hope you are enjoying your lunch. However you seem to be more interested on what my child is doing than what yours is doing.

What you don’t know is that my child is autistic, the fact that he politely asked your son to move out of his way is phenomenal. The fact that your son refuses to move is infuriating to me.

However, I will remind my son to ask politely again and remind him that everyone is different and that’s ok.

I hear you snickering about his tattling to me. He is simply asking me in his own way, how to get your son to move.

I hear you laugh every time he runs by and says “hi mom”, I’m just thrilled after his life that has been filled with trauma and abuse, that after 7 short months he trusts us enough as his adoptive parents to call us mom and say I love you.

I’m not angry with you, or your child, my prayer for you is that one day you will understand the miracle that is my son, those simple words

“could you please excuse me?”

Mean so much more to us.
-Katie Wick Jan 30 2013Image

Parka Days & Hearing Aids

Parka days & Hearing Aids
– A love note to my Dad

Walking to the bus stop this afternoon I was suddenly aware of the smile on my face. Now in minus 29 degree weather with a blanket of almost untouched snow covering everywhere, I wondered why.
I don’t dislike winter but I am not in love with this kind of weather. You know that kind of cold that stings your face? This kind of winter here in Ontario, is not my favourite yet I was smiling. Why? It only took me a few more steps to realize why. That rhythmic pattern of crunching snow under my boots and swish, almost like a zipper, sound from my arms brushing against my parka to POP a certain memory in my head. A beautiful memory of my Dad.
About 20 years about, I was a teen, he was a stubborn younger man. Well, Dad had clearly lost most of his hearing. We all knew it but he wouldn’t deal with it for one reason or another. This left us both frustrated. Our quiet talks just weren’t possible and “nevermind” became a sad a frustrating end to lost conversations between us.
Fast forward to the day he came home with a brand new hearing aid. Now I should say that my Dad seldom gets excited and when he is, it’s not loud or big. The day he received his hearing aid, it was very cold outside with snow on the ground just like today. When I came home from school I couldn’t wait to hear all about it and this is how it went.
“Babs! (His name for me. I could count on my one hand how many times he has used my 1st name)
I left the doctor’s office and, did you know snow makes this sound (he tried to imitate it) when you walk on it?…and Babs, (now speaking in an excited whisper, almost like if he was to say it too loud, he wouldn’t get to hear this cool sound again)
When I was walking, my coat, it makes a noise, like this, when it touches here (pointing to his belly).”
He was so excited over these 2 simple sounds and as a teen and being way to cool to cry (yet I am now writing this) I was just so happy for him. “Dad, when was the last time you heard these? He couldn’t remember.

Why do I smile when it’s so cold that I need to dig out my parka? Simple. Parka days remind me of my Dad. My Dad reminds me to stop and enjoy the little things.

Love you Dad.
xo Babs.